Our Culture
Meaning of Dooshion
  • The purpose of the business processes:
    Stick to concept-”meet all the wishes of the user and create a healthy and motivational environment for employees.
    The concept of targeting foreign markets including domestic Chinese market, external integration. Social Enterprise′s value and image weight are important for sustainable development,
    The company develops resources, expanding sales channels and finally works to make every one’s life more happier.
    Product with maximum quality with an affordable price, with high-quality service system – the main concept we work under every day of our life.
    Creating a competitive and interesting product.

    Business development:
    For employees: to provide a platform for career development and a happy symbiosis of life and work,
    for personal development and strengthen the powerful features of the professional side.

    For shareholders: maximum return on investments;
    For consumers: the most competitive product at a reasonable price;
    For partners: stable financial returns
    For the industrial sector: become a benchmark for quality production of own brand, provide jobs and harmonious development

  • Competitive strategy:
    Comparing to the majority of the companies involved in the textile sector, DOOSHION GARMENT co., Ltd. has several own trademarks, well-known, steadily developing, operating around the world in retail chains and own brand shops.
    In comparing with the well-known European brands, we are more competitive in terms of price, the same products with the same quality have a lower final price than European competitors.
    It is the main point for us – to provide the most competitive product
    The company’s motto: stable development and maximum business development
    We are working basing on symbiosis of? large enterprises standards and small businesses speed and motivation!

    Enterprise slogan:
    Creating a truly original product with the most affordable price!

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